Who We Are

Hennessy Advisors, Inc. is the publicly traded investment manager of the Hennessy Funds. Hennessy offers a broad range of domestic equity, sector and specialty, and mulit-asset products. Hennessy employs a consistent and repeatable investment process, combining time-tested stock selection formulas with a highly disciplined, team-managed approach.

Hennessy Advisors manages 16 mutual funds in the following categories:

Domestic Equity

- Hennessy Cornerstone Growth Fund

- Hennessy Focus Fund
- Hennessy Cornerstone Mid Cap 30 Fund
- Hennessy Cornerstone Large Growth Fund
- Hennessy Cornerstone Value Fund

Sector and Specialty

- Hennessy BP Energy Fund
- Hennessy BP Midstream Fund
- Hennessy
Gas Utility Fund
- Hennessy Japan Fund
- Hennessy Japan Small Cap Fund

- Hennessy Large Cap Financial Fund
- Hennessy Small Cap Financial Fund
Hennessy Technology Fund


- Hennessy Total Return Fund
Hennessy Equity and Income Fund
- Hennessy Balanced Fund

Hennessy offers both lnvestor and Institutional share classes.

The company serves clients with integrity, honesty and candor. Hennessy Advisors' strength lies in their disciplined investment style and commitment to managing their mutual funds for the benefit of their shareholders.

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